Wondelgemse Meersen

Wondelgemse Meersen

406 color plates, offset

softcover, 52 pages, 22,5 x 32 cm, ed: 700

editing and design: with Till Gathmann and Winfried Heininger

ISBN 978-3-03747-044-2

Kodoji Press, Baden 2012, in association with School of Arts Ghent


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The marshes of Wondelgem are situated in the north of Ghent, in close proximity to the old docks. The former swamp area is about 100 hectares in size. It is surrounded by the municipality of Wondelgem to the north, an industrial zone with nineteenth-century factory buildings to the east, the ring road and a canal to the south, and a residential and small commercial zone to the west. A large part of the area consists of wasteland that is traversed by railroad tracks.

As a result of the local urban development scheme, a business park will be built here as well as a bus and tram depot, a forensic psychiatric centre and parking lots.